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Located at car dealerships, these kiosks will allow buyers to quickly access auto insurance quotes onsite. While successful in their field, and armed with an innovative idea, the company relied on Sur-Ryl's marketing expertise to brand the company's image to be more in sync with the forward thinking, sleek app. Having access to professional services to fill the gaps is crucial to the success of small businesses whose competitors are often larger companies with greater resources. A small business owner herself, Sequoia Houston used her $2,500 grant to facilitate the launch of a new endeavor, Mocha Stock. In early 2017, she expects to launch a website providing stock images and video clips focused on diversity. The content will be available for use by small businesses and marketing companies like her own who target a wide range of companies in diverse communities. Sur-Ryl Marketing would like to thank The Center for awarding them the generous grant. Small businesses interested in marketing services can reach Sur-Ryl Marketing by visiting their website, www.surrylmarketing.com, or contacting them directly at (323) 238-7359. Small businesses can learn more about the upcoming "Access to Capital" event in Palm Desert hosted by The Center on March 30 by visiting their website, www.TheCenterSocal.org , and about small business lending products offered by Lendistry, by visiting www.Lendistry.com .

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